During the history of its activity Ballooning Centre / Lithuania has organized over 30 impressive and unforgettable projects, which have won public attention and various awards.

  • 16th Open Lithuanian hot air balloon championship and 1st open Lithuanian hot air airship championship was organised in 2008 in Vilnius. 40 hot air balloon and 2 airship pilots took part in the event. Although weather was not very favourable, 2 sporting flights were done during the event.
  • “10 years to Ballooning Centre”, a nice hot air balloon event was organised by our company in 2007. About 30 balloons took part in the event.
  • "Eurocentras – Lithuania open to the world” – it is a long term program of air balloons events, which started in 1997. In 1997 – 2003 according to this program Ballooning Centre has organized 7 hot air balloon events in Vilnius, Trakai and the Centre of Europe. These events were intended to mention the geographical centre of Europe.
  • European air balloon championship, 2003, which took place in Vilnius has crowned the program “Eurocentras – Lithuania open to the world” and invited about 100 air balloons from Europe to Vilnius. This was the largest air balloon event in Lithuania during the whole history of ballooning.
  • In 2002 an international air balloon festival “Eurocentras 2002” was combined with 3 sports events: European hot air balloon pre-championship, 10th Lithuanian and 2nd Latvian national championships.
  • In 2001 international hot air balloon competition “Eurocentras 2001” and 9th Lithuanian hot air balloon championship took place in Vilnius.
  • In 2000 publishing of the only Lithuanian magazine on aviation “Lithuanian Wings” having old traditions (published since 1935) has been regenerated.
  • In 1999 hot air balloon festival “Eurocentras 99” has been recognized by the media as one of the most impressive summer events in Vilnius.
  • In 1997 the first hot air balloon event “Eurocentras 97” and 5th Lithuanian air balloon championship were announced as the Renaissance of Lithuanian ballooning due to the harmony of innovation and old traditions.

Other projects

  • In 1997 Ballooning Centre started implementing illumination project of decorating the city – “Gediminas prospect – Christmas street of the Capital”. Then for the first time on Christmas Gediminas prospect was decorated. Having evaluated efforts of Ballooning Centre, the Mayor of Vilnius city granted a letter of thanks for ideas and efforts titivating the city in 1997.
  • In 1997 Ballooning Centre was granted a Letter of Thanks of Vilnius City Mayor for festive decoration of AB LTB Bank façade, and in 1998 – for festive decoration of “Bite GSM” and “Lietuvos Telekomas” façades.
  • Since 1999 a project “Millennium Light.”
  • Vilnius TV Tower – the highest Christmas tree has been implemented. In 1999 project “Millennium Light” was included in the projects of mentioning the Millennium Jubilee of Lithuanian statehood and Vilnius TV Tower was enlisted in Lithuanian Guinness Record Book as the highest Christmas tree.
  • In 2000 Ballooning Centre was granted St. Christopher’s statuette for titivating Vilnius city.