Dear pilots,

OREIVYSTĖS CENTRAS invites you to a competition again! This time, we are very pleased to
invite you and your teams to the 26th Lithuanian Hot Air Balloon Championship that will take place in
Ukmergė on May 24-27, 2018.

We are happy that the 26th Lithuanian Hot Air Balloon Championship will take place in a beautiful
town of Ukmergė, one of the oldest urban settlements in Lithuania. This year, we celebrate 100 years
anniversary of the independent Lithuanian state. Besides, Ukmergė will celebrate its 685th birthday during
the event and therefore many festivities are planned. You are invited to become part of them! Ukmergė and
its surroundings, well known for picturesque natural landscapes, river bights, hill forts and historical
manors, invites the participants of the Lithuanian Hot Air Balloon Championship to compete and rejoice the
local residents with the colorful sky. Given the aristocratic origin of the ballooning, we chose the
magnificent Taujėnai manor, former residential place of the dukes Radvilos (Radziwill), as a competition
center and accommodation place. On May 24-27, we expect 30 teams to take part. Besides to azartic
competition flights, they will also experience festive bustle of the City Days, Fire Parade, Night Glow on a
singing hill fort and aristocratic cultural program in the land of manors.

Main information about the competition

The organizers:                                  Ballooning club OREIVYSTĖS CENTRAS

Event director:                                   Kęstutis Petronis

Date:                                                   24-27 May, 2018

Location:                                            Ukmergė and its surroundings

Competition center:                          Taujėnai manor, Mechanizatorių 41, Taujėnai, Ukmergė district

Competition rules:                             Based on FAI CIA AXMERG 2018 (with FAI loggers).

Registration fee:                                350 EUR (includes: accommodation in Taujėnai manor and hotel, morning coffee, meals 2 times a day, gas, FAI loggers, maps, meteo and flight safety information, cultural program)

Number of participants:                     30 teams: pilot + 2 team members (extra team member – 100 EUR)

Experience of the pilots:                    minimum 30 hours

The first competition flight:                Evening of May 24, 2018

The last competition flight:                 Morning of May 27, 2018

Gas:                                                         Arrival and departure with empty tanks. For the first flight, 160 l of propane will be given (fuelling before General Briefing). For each of the next flights, 120 l of propane will be given.

Balloons:                                             Up to 3,000 m3 (based on the rules)

Language:                                           Lithuanian with translation into English

Competition director:                       Linas Kavolius

Deputy director:                                Deivydas Pinkevičius

Chief scorer:                                       Julius Venskus

Pilots must have:                              radio equipment for frequency 122.25 KHz

Pilots must present for check-in:  Passport or ID card
                                                           Valid pilot license and FAI sport licence
                                                           Valid 2nd class health certificate
                                                           Pilot’s logbook
                                                           Balloon (airship) logbook
                                                           Balloon (airship) registration certificate
                                                           Balloon (airship) airworthiness certificate
                                                           Valid insurance (civil liability for the third parts 1500000 SDR)

Pilot declaration:                           During check-in, each pilot will have to fill in and sign a declaration and thus take all                                                            responsibility for the legitimacy and validity of the documents.

 Registration is organized in two steps: January 5 – February 28, 2018 – for Lithuanian pilots, March 1-31, 2018 – for all pilots (or till the number of 30 participants is reached). Registration is valid as soon as the pilot’s registration form and a copy of payment of the registration fee are sent by e-mail at Pilots will be registered according to the date of the payment.

More information:              +370 698 06775

Looking forward to see you !

Best regards,
Kęstutis Petronis
Event Director
Ph. +370 698 06775
E@mail :