What could be more exclusive than the flight over Klaipėda, port of Lithuania? Blue wavy sea, port cranes, River Dane, Meridian... Or would you like to fly over Palanga - the most famous resort of Lithuania?

Hot air balloons flights in Klaipėda / Palanga usually start outside the city and fly over the entire seaport. Flights in Klaipėda / Palanga are affected climate changes and sea breeze (usually in the morning balloons fly towards the sea and in the evenings - from the sea).

Flights over Klaipėda / Palanga are less frequent because of the prevailing strong winds. If it is possible, come to Vilnius or Kaunas, where you will experience a really spectacular flight.

Flights over Klaipėda / Palanga take place when a group of at least 3 people is collected.

Price: 119 EUR / person. A beautiful flight (about one hour), "baptizing" ceremony, First flight certificate, passengers' retrieval and insurance are included in the price of the tour.

Please contact us for the flight details in advance by e-mail info@ballooning.lt or ph. +370 652 00510.