What could be more exclusive than the flight over Klaipėda, port of Lithuania? Blue wavy sea, port cranes, River Dane, Meridian... Or would you like to fly over Palanga - the most famous resort of Lithuania?

Hot air balloons flights in Klaipėda / Palanga usually start outside the city and fly over the entire seaport. Flights in Klaipėda / Palanga are affected climate changes and sea breeze (usually in the morning balloons fly towards the sea and in the evenings - from the sea).

Flights over Klaipėda / Palanga are less frequent because of the prevailing strong winds. If it is possible, come to Vilnius or Kaunas, where you will experience a really spectacular flight.

Flights over Klaipėda / Palanga take place when a group of at least 3 people is collected.

Price: 119 EUR / person. A beautiful flight (about one hour), "baptizing" ceremony, First flight certificate, passengers' retrieval and insurance are included in the price of the tour.